24 Jul 2014 at 9:55a.m.

Photos: Opening ceremony in Glasgow

A beaming Valerie Adams led the New Zealand team into the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Read the article >

  • Dancers participate in the opening ceremony (Reuters)

  • Actor John Barrowman gets things kicked off with a song and a dance (Reuters file)

  • Scotland remind us of their proud whiskey tradition (Reuters)

  • Queen Elizabeth is driven out on the track during the ceremony (Reuters)

  • Rockin' Rod Stewart blasted out a couple of tracks (Reuters)

  • A performer jumps in kangaroo boots at the opening ceremony (Reuters)

  • Jets fly over Celtic Park with the colours of Great Britain (Reuters)

  • Partners dance to a slowed down version of '500 miles' by The Proclaimers (Reuters)

  • Even the Loch Ness Monster made an appearance during the opening ceremony (Reuters)

  • The Scottish Terriers that led out the countries stole the show (Reuters)

  • 'I love you mum & dad' A Kiwi athlete holds up a sign (Reuters)

  • An athlete from Papua New Guinea poses for the cameras (Reuters)

  • Australian athletes laugh it up for the cameras (Reuters)

  • John Barrowman (Photosport file)

  • Northern Ireland team members go head and shoulders above the rest during their entrance (Reuters)

  • Valerie Adams leads out New Zealand (Photosport)

  • Hosts Scotland are welcomed out (Reuters)

  • Susan Boyle does her thing (Photosport)

  • (Photosport)

  • The New Zealand team (Photosport)

  • Fireworks go off at the climax of the ceremony (Photosport)

  • The Queen declares the Games commencement (Photosport)

  • The Commonwealth flag is raised (Photosport)

  • The Commonwealth Games abton is carried to the stage (Photosport)

  • Some horsing about during the opening ceremony (Reuters)

  • There was a bit of trouble with the baton! (Reuters)

  • (Photosport)

  • The Commonwealth Games flag (Reuters)

  • (Reuters)

  • (Reuters)

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