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Dotcom accuses Key of barefaced lies

Sunday 18 Nov 2012 12:07p.m.

Dotcom accuses Key of barefaced lies

Prime Minister John Key has again denied knowing about Kim Dotcom despite the internet entrepreneur's claims he has evidence to the contrary.

Mr Key has repeatedly said he had never heard of the Megaupload founder until he was briefed just before a raid on Dotcom's Auckland mansion in January.

A spokeswoman for Mr Key issued a statement saying: "The Prime Minister stands by his earlier statements that the first he knew of Kim Dotcom was on 19 January, 2012."

Dotcom, who is facing extradition to the US on copyright charges he strenuously denies, told programme Q+A today he knew for a fact that Mr Key knew of him before January 19 and would show evidence in court but would not elaborate.

When asked by interviewer Paul Holmes if Mr Key had lied, Dotcom said "yes".

"He is running naked and telling people he has clothes on. Everyone can see he's naked. I know for a fact that John Key knew before January 19, and it's going to be a topic in our court hearing.

"If we can show that the Government has had an active role in the magnitude of this whole case and had a proactive role rather than a reactive role to impress the United States government, well, you know, there you have it."

He also said he wasn't interested in seeking damages from the New Zealand government over illegal spying on his activities but had targets in the US.

"If I would seek damages, I would not seek them in New Zealand. I would seek them from the US government, which has acted in bad faith, and I would seek that also from Hollywood studios who are paying the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America)... to do this kind of thing."


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