30 Nov 2012 at 5:09p.m.

Behind the scenes: TV3's Hobbit special

Here’s a look behind the scenes of 3 News’ Hobbit Special and what it took to cover the film's global premiere. Read the article >

  • Camera operator Penny Ashley counts down to the kick-off of the 3 News Hobbit Special

  • Hillary Barry prepares to go live (photo: Lloyd Burr/3 News)

  • Campbell Live cameraman Billy Weepu filmed David Farrier's antics (photo: Lloyd Burr/3 News)

  • Hundreds of metres of cabling had to be laid linking TV3's live satellite truck with the control centre at The Establishment bar (photo: Lloyd Burr/3 News)

  • Presenter Carolyn Robinson and Hobbit expert Ian Brodie prepare to go live from the balcony of The Establishment (Photo: Lloyd Burr/3 News)

  • Chief editor of 3news.co.nz Chris Whitworth and Wellington's online editor Lloyd Burr at their make-shift online portal

  • The 3 News camera and engineering crew having a quick meeting before 6 o'clock ticks over

  • The main live cross point arguably had the best view of the red carpet

  • Final preparations underway for the 3 News Hobbit special (photo: Lloyd Burr/3 News)

  • Cameraman and satellite operator Dan Hicks moves the satellite into position for a Nightline live cross

  • David Farrier and cameraman Billy Weepu with three Hobbits who flew from San Diego especially for the premiere (photo: Lloyd Burr/3 News)

  • Cameraman Grant Findlay at his spot at the beginning of the red carpet

  • The view from the main live point (photo: Lloyd Burr/3 News)

  • Cameraman Jimmy Fergusson, engineer Sailesh Patel and Sound assistant Jim Cowan prepare to go live (photo: Lloyd Burr/3 News)

  • Presenter Carolyn Robinson is briefed while cameraman Matt Smith tests his camera (photo: Lloyd Burr/3 News)

  • Reporter Jerram Watts prepares for a live cross to Nightline (photo: Lloyd Burr/3 News)

  • Sam Hayes and John Campbell on the red carpet

  • Mike McRoberts and Hillary Barry on the balcony they presented from (photo: Lloyd Burr/3 News)

  • A closer shot of the 6 o'clock duo (photo: Lloyd Burr/3 News)

  • Political Editor Patrick Gower with Sue Lindsay (the mother of 3 News' Wellington newsroom) right, and Di White from Ogilvy NZ, left (photo: Lloyd Burr/3 News)

  • Samantha Hayes, cameraman Grant Findlay and talent wrangler Rachel Tiffen spent three-and-a-half hours presenting from the entry-point of the red carpet

  • Sam Hayes waits for stars of The Hobbit

  • Wellington band 'Sterling Hern' (which included 3 News editors Kellee Lauifiso-Finau and Geoffrey Hern) played at TV3's Hobbit party

  • Wellington Bureau Chief Gordon McBride joins Sam Hayes after the broadcast

  • Barry Humpfries speaks to Sam Hayes on the red carpet (photo: Rachel Tiffen/3 News)