14 Nov 2012 at 10:49a.m.

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Rare solar eclipse

New Zealanders have this morning been treated to an extremely rare event: the moon’s total eclipse of the sun. Read the article >

  • (Photo: Logan Swinkels)

  • (Photo: Phil Vincent)

  • (Photo: Logan Swinkels)

  • (Photo: Gavin Newton)

  • (Photo: Joe Morgan)

  • (Photo: Dan Satherley)

  • (Photo: Twitter.com/marekkuziel)

  • (Photo: Twitter.com/KiwiHoria)

  • (Photo: Dan Lake)

  • (Photo: James Nuku)

  • Year 7 Mount Hutt College students view the eclipse with their pinhole system

  • (Photo: Twitter.com/ShayHuia)