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Unconventional photography sale draws crowds

Tuesday 09 Jun 2009 12:00a.m.

Unconventional photography sale draws crowds
A number of New Zealand's best known photographers took part in an unconventional art show, as part of the Auckland festival of photography tonight.

The photographers’ brief was to produce 15 works of art, their only restriction being they must sell each piece for less than $15.

Sophie Keyse, who attended the sale, says she was looking to buy one of her favourite photographers, Ann Shelton.
“I'd really like one of her works,” she says.

Ms Keyse says it is “very unlikely" she will get a Shelton photo, as she underestimated how many people would attend the exhibition.

The unconventional art sale ignored established art market rules and rates, exciting buyers with the bargains.
Featured artist Fiona Pardington says she liked the concept behind the show.

“It was actually really freeing. You just throw a spanner in the works and step outside of the system for a little while,” she says.

Other internationally renowned artists included Ian MacDonald, whose works regularly feature in Life and Time magazine.

Mr MacDonald says he enjoyed the challenge of the cheap sale idea.

“If somebody could print a print for $5, that left you $10 to make some money,” he says.

“So if you sold them all really quickly, it's just the same as selling one single print.”

Artist's prints sold quickly with buyers like Moira Street driving up from Hamilton for the event.

Ms Street says the sale was worth the journey.

“It was definitely worthwhile, worth waiting out in the cold,” she says.

Buyer Fran Connell says she could not be happier with the way the event unfolded.

“It was excellent. It's a wonderful opportunity and it's so nice to have so many of the photographers actually here,” she says.

The unusual sale was not the first of its kind, artists like Colin McCahon used to hold similar evenings in the 1960's to raise the profile of their art.
Organisers say due to the success of the event the show will not be the last.

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