27 Mar 2014 at 1:02p.m.

Washington landslide search and rescue

Crews continue to scour through the soupy, debris-laden field, their task complicated by rain. Read the article >

  • Rescuers pulled this four-year-old from the mud on Saturday (Photo: Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue)

  • A search and rescue team members looks underneath a destroyed home (AAP)

  • Rescue workers with a search dog (Reuters)

  • A bulldozer carries a wrecked vehicle (Reuters)

  • (AAP)

  • (AAP)

  • (Reuters)

  • The breakaway part of the hill near Oslo, Washington (AAP)

  • A satellite image of the landslide (NASA)

  • Snohomish County Fire Chief Steve Mason (L) talks with a chaplain (Reuters)

  • A sign in Arlington, Washington (AAP)