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Serious end to Australian election campaign

Thursday 05 Sep 2013 6:01p.m.

Serious end to Australian election campaign

Today's the day the Aussie election got serious, and just a bit farcical.

Tony Abbott revealed what he'll do if he loses, plus how he plans to pay for all he's promising.

But because today is also the day campaign ads must stop, Labor and Kevin Rudd can't attack his maths. Mr Rudd says giving those details 48-hours before an election isn't long enough.

"So the Australian people are now left completely in the dark about how his massive cuts will affect their jobs and possibly trigger a recession," he says.

The Liberals are well on track to win the election, but if they don't Mr Abbott says he will step aside.

"One thing we can be sure of is I won't be the Opposition leader after the election," he says

Mr Rudd says he'll stay in Parliament if Labor loses.

Some Australians though have said on Twitter if Mr Abbott gets in, they'll get out.

"If Tony Abbott wins this election I'm swimming to New Zealand," says one Tweeter.

But it was billionaire mining magnate Clive Palmer, who's currently funding the building of the Titanic replica, who really stole the spotlight today.

The Palmer United Party's come from barely registering in the polls to six percent.

"If you vote for an independent, a celebrity or a minor party you're effectively voting for a hung party and another circus," says Mr Abbott.

Mr Palmer did a media blitz this morning, taking aim at Rupert Murdoch who owns 63 percent of Australia's newspapers.

"Rupert Murdoch will be sued by me today," he says. "He's not an Australian citizen but he's running this country. He's telling you what you should think."

If Mr Palmer and Pauline Hanson win their seats in the Senate they could ultimately hold the balance of power.

3 News

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