EQC gags pair on leaked quake data
08-Apr 21:04

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) says it has been granted an interim High Court injunction stopping two parties releasing any further information from a leaked email containing details of thousands of Christchurch claims.

The injunction was served today on Earthquake Services director Bryan Staples and the blogger known as EQC Truths, EQC says.

EQC chief executive Ian Simpson, in a statement, says the move was necessary as neither party had authorised access to the information and both were actively engaged in disseminating it.

"I have said earlier that EQC is determined not to add to any distress caused by the mistake by seeing the information spread further by third parties, and that has necessitated the intervention of the courts," the statement says.

Last month the details of 83,000 Canterbury earthquake claims, including addresses and repair values, were mistakenly emailed by an EQC manager to Mr Staples, whose business advocates for insurance claimants.

The spreadsheet included details of EQC cheques totalling $23 million.

The unnamed blogger EQC Truths also said they also had the information and also threatened to release it.

EQC has already complained to police after it alleged Mr Staples threatened to use the information in the leaked email to extract payment of money he claims the commission owes him.

The EQC blunder is the biggest of a number of government agencies falling over on data security, with ACC, the Ministry of Social Development and Inland Revenue all mistakenly releasing sensitive clients' information.


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