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Goldsmith says unauthorised billboards a stunt

Wednesday 16 Nov 2011 10:56 a.m.

Paul Goldsmith is in the odd situation of trying to lose an election

Paul Goldsmith is in the odd situation of trying to lose an election

While most election candidates are looking to maximise publicity, National's Epsom candidate Paul Goldsmith has been photographed removing signs advertising his candidacy.

National's counting on ACT's John Banks winning Epsom, to ensure the minor party's return to parliament as a Government supporter.

3 News contacted Paul Goldsmith today and he blamed the signs on the opposition.

"It's silly games by my opponent. I don't really want to dignify it with a response," he said.

The Epsom candidate said the signs, made by blowing up his business card, were unauthorised and he was legally obliged to remove them. He believes someone was waiting to take the photo.



Prime Minister John Key had a symbolic cup of tea with Mr Banks last week, in a signal to voters of who they should choose.

But Mr Goldsmith's been polling ahead of Mr Banks, despite saying he wants party votes only, as voters apparently reject the stitch-up for their electorate.

Photos on the left-wing blog The Standard show Mr Goldsmith pulling the hoardings bearing his face and name out of a piece of grass and packing them into his vehicle.

The blog says the signs are "apparently unofficial", as they appear to be printed on paper.

"It's almost as if he doesn't want to get elected!" the blog says.

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