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FBI may charge NZ pro-life activist

Wednesday 25 Jul 2012 10:16 a.m.

An FBI spokeswoman would not confirm or deny whether an investigation was under way

An FBI spokeswoman would not confirm or deny whether an investigation was under way

A New Zealander living in the United States could face charges over his anti-abortion activism, after the FBI visited his Texas home earlier this month.

Andy Moore, 25, who previously headed a group called ProLife New Zealand, was given a trespass warning from a Dallas abortion clinic earlier this year.

That was followed up by a visit on July 13 from two officials from the Dallas branch of the FBI and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

"The focus really was me and my activity outside an abortion business which is about 10 miles down the road which I attempt to stand outside and pray every Saturday morning," Mr Moore told NZ Newswire.

Mr Moore said he also takes photos of clinic workers to post on a website.

The agents told him they were aware of the trespass complaint, along with complaints about him using a megaphone outside the clinic - which is banned under Dallas law - and acting aggressively.

"They said to me that I was close to the line of instigating violence, which I strongly disagree with, but that was something they stressed to me," Mr Moore said.

He was also told it would be a shame for him to be arrested and separated from his wife and young son, which Mr Moore believes was an attempt to intimidate him.

An FBI spokeswoman would not confirm or deny whether an investigation was under way.

She referred NZ Newswire to information about the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which makes it illegal to "injure, intimidate, or interfere with those seeking to obtain or provide reproductive health care services".

Dana Cody, the head of the Life Legal Defense Foundation, which is representing Mr Moore, said it was very unusual for the FBI to visit a pro-life activist at their home.

"We think that the FBI is probably setting up Mr Moore for a FACE Act prosecution," she said.

"These FACE prosecutions, most of them go nowhere because they don't have any evidence, as is the case with Mr Moore."


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