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Brendan Horan may start political party

Tuesday 29 Jan 2013 6:46 p.m.

A defiant independent MP Brendan Horan arrived back at Parliament today, vowing to fight for more transparency around MPs' pay rises.

But he was greeted with a threat from his former leader Winston Peters, who warned there's more evidence against Mr Horan that's about to emerge.

Keen surfer Mr Horan is paddling for political survival. But he likes to put that all aside out on his favourite Mt Maunganui break known as Shark Alley. The political sharks are his real problem, after allegations he misused money from his late mother's bank account.

But he's back facing 2013 with renewed energy, saying this year he will prove his innocence.

“I'm now in a position where I have to clear my name because of vile, baseless allegations,” says Mr Horan.

He even wants to run for re-election come 2014.

“I am here to stay,” he says.

Mr Horan may even start his own party.

“I'm keeping all my options open in that regard.”

“He's dreaming,” says Mr Peters. “First of all he won't get any supporters.”

But 3 News found some supporters in Tauranga, some who say they “quite like him” and think "he’s a good guy”.

Mr Horan's also planning to campaign for more transparency for MPs' pay rises, after an increase was announced just before Christmas.

“It's not what the average Kiwi wants to hear when you've got thousands of people losing their jobs and being made redundant,” says Mr Horan.

He'll try and amend a bill that's already before Parliament, so the public know what MPs' pay increases are before each election.

“Pretty rich coming from someone who shouldn't be getting any MP pay himself,” says Mr Peters.

So Mr Horan's back, but his first day came with a warning: Mr Peters has threatened that new evidence against Mr Horan will soon emerge.

If so, it could be a rough ride ahead.

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