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Campbell Live GCSB roadie, poll end

Monday 19 Aug 2013 8:01 p.m.

Our Campbell Live GCSB road trip came to an end today. From the top of the North to the deepest south, since last Monday we have travelled more than 2500 kilometres, speaking to hundreds of people.

We bring it to a close in Wellington, where tomorrow Parliament resumes. Reporter Kate King approached from the South. But we begin with Whena Owen approaching the capital from the North.

We asked a simple question: Do you support or oppose the GCSB Bill?

But it wasn't a text poll. Instead, as with the vast majority of the submissions on the snapper quota, it was an online form, requiring your name, address and email address before you could submit it to us – no details, or a bounce back on your email address, your vote wasn't counted.

Now, as the Prime Minister told us last week, there have been more than 30,000 submissions on the snapper bill – almost all of them by filling in an online form very similar to the one we asked you to complete.

How many did we get? 52,666 – way more than the online snapper submissions, and in a much shorter time.

It's also the biggest poll in TV3 history, significantly more than any online or text poll either we or 3 News have ever run, and text polls are much easier to vote in.

And here's the results – 11 percent of you supported the GCSB bill. That was 5879 votes. And 89 percent of you opposed it. That was 46,790. If you didn't vote, you had a week to do so. And if you did vote, thank you, whatever side of the issue you were on.

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