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Auckland to offer Samoa assistance after Cyclone Evan

Monday 17 Dec 2012 8:58 a.m.

As Fiji braces for Cyclone Evan to hit its shores, Samoa is left cleaning up the storm’s mess, with thousands of people still in emergency accommodation.

Auckland mayor Len Brown says the city’s large Pasifika community is now gearing up to help with the recovery effort.

“Auckland is the biggest Pacific city in the world, and there are about 120, 130 thousand Samoans in Auckland,” he says.

“Of course the whole Pacific community was hugely supportive, as we all were, when the tsunami hit last year, and so again with this storm surge and the massive damage in Samoa we’re there, ready, willing and able to help out.”

Mr Brown says the New Zealand Government is now awaiting instructions from Samoa.

“Once we get instructions over the next day or two and it becomes clearer exactly what we need to get over there, then we will start coordinating efforts to get things in.”

Back here in New Zealand the cleanup in the Auckland suburb of Hobsonville continues, with 28 people still displaced after a tornado ripped through two weeks ago.

Watch the video for the full interview with Len Brown

3 News

If you wish to make a donation to those affected by Cyclone Evan, text “Evan” to 4741 to make an instant $3 donation to the Fijian Charitable Trust.

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